Recap of VAT-ENG Combo and the VATPlus

VAT stands for Vestibular Autorotation Test and ENG stands for ElectroNystagmography. Here are some quick descriptions of these tests and a comparison between the VAT-ENG Combo and the VATPlus. The VAT-ENG is a 20-25 minute test, which through the use of 5 sticky¬†disposable¬†electrodes, can tell the doctor if the patient’s dizziness is coming from the […]

VATplus Training

Hypertension – Lowering Blood Pressure By Decreasing Your Salt Intake

If in the mode American diet sodium was condensed by 1,200 mg per day 68,000 lives would be saved all day. A commendation to legislature, by The Institute of Medicine, would necessitate the FDA to perform system to condense other-sodium in set foods. We want to keep watch over ourselves and border processed foods since […]

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