The VATplus to Diagnose Dizziness, Vertigo, AND Prevent Falls! 

vatw comp VATplusToo many patients arrive in the doctor’s office with vertigo and dizziness and leave without any real explanation as to what caused the issue.  The VATplus test for vertigo and dizziness provide the information to determine if an inner ear disorder exists.  Don’t mistake this test for VNG Equipment.

VNG Equipment has long been associated with old barbaric technology that induces dizziness and nausea.  The awful calorics test is part of the VNG Equipment. The good news is that the VATplus for dizziness is far superior to the VNG Equipment because it does not  make use of calorics.

After the 10-15 minute test, the VATplus produces a fully interpreted report with a positive or negative for inner ear disorders. Now we have a fantastic tool that help the physician confirm their clinical suspicions.  Patients now have more options to heal.  Best of all, the VATplus has consistently reimbursed well over the last few years.

Clinically Speaking:

  • Pin point or Rule Our Vestibular Involvement
  • Test takes only 10 minutes to administer and can be performed by an MA
  • Diagnostic evaluation of the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR)
  • Simple and easy to administer testing process
  • Immediate test results and simple data interpretation
  • Noninvasive process – Patients are seated throughout the entire test.

Financially Speaking:

  • 2012 Medicare Stated Rate in NY Zone 2 is $413.38  Click Here for a Sample Return on Investment
  • Established and verified CPT codes for reimbursement from Medicare and private insurance
  • Portable and small system footprint – Tests can be performed in most exam rooms.
  • System can be easily transported to remote locations or between offices
  • Test requires the use of only 5 electrodes

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