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Georgios Mavrovounis, MD

Co-Founder & Research Mentor

My name is Georgios Mavrovounis and I am a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Thessaly, Greece. In all my years of medical education, I took pleasure in studying a lot of different subjects and topics but I was always fascinated by the field of neurosciences. The complex ways in which the human brain controls every other body function never cease to amaze me and always inspire me to learn more. I aspire to train in neurosurgery but before entering medical specialty training I plan to study for a PhD degree in the topic of traumatic brain injuries.

I firmly believe that the early involvement of undergraduate medical students in research is important for the development of the physician-scientist of the future. The vision of AspireMED founders is to facilitate and guide medical students in their early steps in research and enable them to grow scientifically while building solid research methodology foundations.

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