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Prof. Ioannis Pantazopoulos, MD, MSc, PhD

AspireMED Supervisor - Emergency Medicine

Dr. Ioannis Pantazopoulos is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Thessaly, Medical School. He is both a Respiratory Medicine and Intensive Care Specialist with two Master of Science degrees from the Medical school of the University of Athens, covering Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Thoracic Oncology. He has received his Ph.D. from the same medical school where he studied the use of impedance threshold devices in asphyxial cardiac arrest. His extensive field of expertise includes the European Diploma in Adult Respiratory Medicine, his participation as an active instructor in four Master of Science courses, both at the University of Athens and the University of Thessaly, as well as a director in Life Support courses and in Panhellenic Conferences coordinating the organizing committee. He is a scientific collaborator of the European University of Cyprus in the area of Respiratory Medicine and he is Chair of the Research and Ethics committee of the Hellenic Society of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
An avid researcher, he co-authored 4 book chapters, has published dozens of research papers in international medical journals and conferences, having been awarded eight times for his work to this day. Additionally, he is a peer reviewer in many medical journals and a member of the editorial board of two journals.

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